Final Election Results:

Updated Nov. 25, 2009 7:49pm










Key Dates:

Oct. 5, 2009
Mail-in/online registration ends

Oct. 16, 2009
Absentee ballots mailed

Oct. 26, 2009
In person registration ends

Nov. 3, 2009
Election Day

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15 Reasons

15 Reasons to Vote YES for Libraries on November 3.

View the complete list!

Thank you!

Final election results have been certified. With over 53% in approval, the Sno-Isle Libraries levy has passed. This allows our local libraries to continue providing the much needed services our communities have come to rely on. A huge thank you is extended to everyone who helped support the campaign.

Election Results

November 4th Morning Update: Election results will be updated as they become available. There are still lots of votes to be counted.

Election results will be made official when they are certified on November 24, 2009.

Election Day has arrived!

November 3rd has come along, and today we have the chance to help our libraries continue provide the much needed services that our communities need and have come to depend on. Remember to vote Yes for Libraries today, tell your friends and family and thank everyone for their support.

Our libraries are one of the most essential parts of our communities, constantly encouraging education and information.

Take the time to view the Sno-Isle Libraries website, remind yourself all there is to offer at your local library: from storytimes for children, valuable databases filled with information, mobile services, the enormous selection of material available in the catalog, to the simple act of providing something enjoyable to read.

Our libraries need our help, and today we can provide it.

15 Reasons to vote Yes for Libraries November 3

Reason #1: Freedom to Read!

Read the full Freedom to Read statement by the American Library Association to see one of the very best reasons why it's essential our libraries recieve our support.

For the next 15 days we'll be posting a different reason to vote Yes for Libraries on November 3. View the complete list.

Voters Pamphlet

Snohomish County Local Voters' Pamphlets

Voters' Pamphlets should be in mailboxes around Snohomish County! Page 30 of Edition 2 has the information regarding the Sno-Isle Libraries District Proposition 1, Levy Rate Proposition. The pamphlets are also available online.

Voters Pamphlet

For residents of Island County, the 2009 General Election Voters' Guide is available on the Island County Auditor's Website.

Email this message to your friends with one easy click!

Email to your friends

Ballots go in the mail this week!

It's time to remind your friends and family how important their "Yes" votes are. Please help spread the word by taking the time to send a friendly email to a few of your contacts. If you need a little help with the words, give this a try:

Hello neighbors and friends:

Please join me in voting "YES" on Sno-Isle Libraries Proposition 1 next month. For a small price we can make sure that our libraries stay open, continue to have services and resources that help people especially during tough economic times, and connect children with books and reading. Our communities need our libraries now more than ever.

I'll be voting yes, and hoe that you will, too. If you have any questions or want more information, let me know, or go to Email your friends and let them know that libraries are important and need their support on November 3.

Please feel free to pass this email along to your friends, and help get the word out. Thank you for your support of one of our communities most important resources: libraries.

P.S. Proposition 1 is on the back of some ballots, so don't forget to turn your ballot over and vote Yes for Libraries!

Tell us your story

Tell us your story of why libraries matter to you.

What can you get for $10 a month?

Two lattes, plus tip
One seat to one regular priced movie
One paperback at Half Price Books
Two hours of parking in downtown Seattle


A great library with more than 1.3 million books and other items for check out, computers to use, online databases, programs to help children learn.

On November 3, you have the chance to make sure your library system continues doing all that it does for the community today, by voting YES to increase the Sno-Isle Libraries levy rate by 9 cents.

With Sno-Isle Libraries, you have:

Vote YES for Libraries on November 3 to maintain our public libraries services with a 9 cent levy rate increase.

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