A Promise Kept

We all remember 2009. Times were tough and about to get tougher. It is in such times that public institutions such as Sno-Isle Libraries are revealed as the bedrock they are for a free and informed society. In 2009, the officials at Sno-Isle Libraries made a promise: “If you vote ‘yes’ on levy measure and help us to continue as a foundation for our communities, we won’t come back to you for at least five years.” We did our part and Sno-Isle Libraries kept that promise. On Nov. 3, 2009, voters in the Sno-Isle Libraries district said “yes” to that levy measure. We said “yes” to:
  • Helping children develop literacy skills so they are ready for school
  • Access to 1.2 million books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and other items available to everyone at every community library.
  • Helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
  • Helping displaced workers with job-search resources
It has now been nine years, since we last voted to sustain funding for the library district and the time has come to do it again. On Dec. 11, the Board of Trustees did its part by voting unanimously to ask us again to sustain funding for our community libraries. On April 24, it will be time for us to join them by voting “yes.”