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Key Dates:

Oct. 5, 2009
Mail-in/online registration ends

Oct. 16, 2009
Absentee ballots mailed

Oct. 26, 2009
In person registration ends

Nov. 3, 2009
Election Day

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Colleen from Snohomish writes:

I used to take libraries for granted. We had a library only two blocks from my childhood home in Tacoma. I borrowed books and did homework there with friends. When I moved to Mt. Rainier the bookmobile came every week to feed my reading habits. My eclectic musical tastes were nurtured by exploring the library's music collection. Movies I couldn't afford to buy rolled in on the big bus every Wednesday afternoon. 100 pounds of asparagus were preserved in jars thanks to a library cookbook -- a culinary disaster, but not the library's fault! I read about the world and dreamed. Those books of faraway places led me to travel and every place I lived in various parts of the world I always would seek out their public library.

To my horror, the libraries in some of those places were stocked with old, torn dirty books. The building hours were short. Forget finding music or movies. They were struggling to keep the doors open. It was heartbreaking. After traveling, I knew how lucky we were to have such wonderful libraries in the Pacific Northwest and that I would never take them for granted again. Sno-Isle Libraries is like our personal university and entertainment center rolled into one. It is a place for all of us to learn at every stage of our lives no matter what our income is at the moment. It is a testament to our culture and our heritage that we have nurtured our libraries for the benefit of us all. I hope we will come together Nov. 3 and continue to support this essential community institution.

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